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High performance guaranteed by wide hardware network


We offer the best world-class hosting features for you

Uniquely redesign strategic core competencies with progressive content. Ambitiously change ethical imperatives and collaboratively produced products.


You can find and scale all kinds of products to meet your needs. We also offer a free trial.

Quick Support

You can connect faster and get technical support through WhatsApp and Skype channels.


We monitor your services live with 24/7 monitoring service. We inform you in cases where problems occur.

Cloud Server Packages
New Generation Hardwares

Dedicated features are as fast as dedicated servers and thanks to high bandwidth, you can make a lot of use at the same time. In addition, 50% net partnership is available.

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Extreme Server Product Features

Data Security

Extreme servers are a service built for corporate customers in general. Data security is therefore the most important consideration. Free daily backups are made in certain packages.

Free Plesk Panel

All extreme servers have free Plesk panel support. In addition, many plugins come for free. On the first purchase, Plesk optimization is done by us for free.

Quick Support

If there are problems with your servers, you can get much easier and faster support by contacting them through quick communication channels or a support request. You don't have to pay extra for this.

Free Migration

Regardless of which company you are in, we do free transportation as an image-based or a site. By converting your physical servers in a
easy way, we move all your data free of charge.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Professional hosting services at affordable prices...


Wordpress Hosting

For small companies

Starter Package
5.00₺ /Monthly
Other Packages

Cloud Server

For large and corporate companies

Starter Packages
30.00₺ /Monthly
Other Packages
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Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting service that can meet many needs. Everyone can benefit from this service. Our goal here is a service established to meet people's needs for hosting quickly in project development or in short-term work and trial environments. You can host all content, not illegal, in our Hosting service. This content may be used for: software development, blog, homework or project, forum, e-commerce, news site and other purposes. If you are satisfied with our hosting service during this time, you can continue on a paid basis without breaking the system at all.


24/7 Expert Hosting Support

We are now ready to meet your needs with our professional and expert teams.

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